street or street

Street and only street food.

Before you start to read this text let me explain to you…. this text is not a text for taking negative things about different cultures, this text basically tries to explain what our goal is and wich difficulties and differences we found at the moment we tried to start a street food concept.

Street food for me is not only a portion of a meal you can get in any place in the streets, if you look at it with perspective it is a piece of the result of hard, passionate and sensible work.

The small battles you have are necessary for reach the goal of the day.

I can understand the idea many people have about this food concept ..Street +food = trash. I think this is partially correct, but something is changing. Many chefs with a big reputation, have been looking at the street food concept with a good eye for a long time.

Street food has existed in different cultures for hundreds and hundreds of years, but I understand some street food concepts make the people very skeptical of the food they don’t understand. If you try to expand the concept from burgers, pizzas, or kebabs, people lose their heads.

I think it's not their fault, it's just basically what they have learned to eat the last decade in the street. It exists an ignorance related to the street food idea, but fortunately, we are more and more street food chefs who wants to give new culinary experiences, to the costumers.

Our idea, is to explain to the people that it's possible to eat well, healthy, tasty, and different in the street, nothing is gonna happen. If you look at it with perspective, you will get a different experience.

Places like Oslo are on the top off the line streetfood in Scandinavia, I think Places like Streetfood – Oslo, Mathallen or Vippa gives the city a big personality, a good city life.

Before or after Bergen- street food hall is gonna be a reality